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Do clean workplacesImpact your Employee’s Performance?

When we were growing up, we were all probably told to clean our room by our parents and had daily chores such as doing the dishes and when we didn’t do it we were probably more on the receiving end of a whole lot of being in trouble, but clearly, cleanliness is something that people value through out childhood and into our adult hood.

From our houses and cars to our hands and hair, humans are pretty particular about what gets cleaned and how often, so why don’t we give the same attention to our workplace?

Sure, most companies have some sort of janitorial team, and maybe you’re someone who always cleans up their workspace before going home, but why don’t we prioritize a clean workplace as much as the other areas of our lives?

Maybe you are perfectly happy with the current level of your workspace cleanliness but overall the workplace in general sometimes get the short end of the cleaning stick.

Here at PXC, we’re trying to switch that standard around to help people realize what a clean workplace can do for them. Beyond healthier common spaces and a more professional appearance, having a clear environment can boost your employee’s performance! We’ll take you through some of the benefits of having a clean workplace and how you can maximize these benefits with the right types of cleaning.

Your Employee’s health and safety in the workplace

Every business, regardless of the industry or labor, should prioritize their employees’ health and safety before anything else. Without the necessary team members, a company can’t function, so keeping your staff in good health and out of danger is one of the most important things you can do.

Of course, in a large office building, manufacturing plant, or warehouse, it can be hard to keep everyone safe and out of trouble, but by prioritizing a clean workspace, you can do your part to help your team stay healthy.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go out and get your workspace deep cleaned every week (although a semi-regular deep cleaning is never a bad idea). However, regular cleaning and disinfecting of your work environment will go a long way towards employee health.

This is why we use CDC approved hospital grade non-allergen chemicals as well as staying on top of this regular cleaning will help to reduce sickness and germs within the office, which in turn helps to reduce the number of sick hours employees need throughout the year.

This is why quality janitorial services are so crucial to a company!

Morale & Positivity

You might not think it’s vital, but simply maintaining a clean workspace can make a significant difference in an employee’s mental health! From a practical point of view, having a clean desk reduces the amount of clutter you need to sort through for your work, making it easier to find the exact document you need, whenever you need it. Even on just this basic level, a clean desk is helpful to your workplace!


At the same time, a clean desk might also be helping us psychologically! There have been a number of recent studies that examine how our environment affects our mental health, and they’ve come up with some pretty exciting results.

In general, they have discovered that the world around us can impact us on many levels, including how we think, how we feel, how we act, how we make decisions, and how we interact with our co workers!

In short, a dirty and unkept workplace can put stress and tension on a person, as well it can make your employees feel unimportant and unappreciated, which can drag down their performance, productivity, and health!

By improving the overall cleanliness of your facilities while showing your concern and care about their health and well-being, a company can change the tone of everybody’s mood and focus. The less stress and more appreciation your employees feel at work, the better!

Money & Efficiency

Now cleaning and maintaining your facility isn’t just crucial for the physical and mental wellbeing of your team; it’s important for your company too! When you take the time to invest in a clean workspace, you are saving yourself and your corporate office and/or investors lots of money for years to come.

Take your office restrooms, fixtures and flooring for example. Between all of those key areas also consider the printers, computers, chairs, and desks, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the cost of. However, with a great janitorial company and consistent routine service, you can extend the lifetime of these areas and in turn protecting the furniture and equipment saving your company a substantial amount of money. When your bathroom dispenser and fixtures last longer and the carpet/tile on the floors, you’re saving money on repairs and replacements that you might not have realized you were spending in the first place.

Invest In Cleaning

Think of a business as a complex machine, full of moving parts and difficult to manage at times.

Everyone in the company is working to keep the machine together and running smoothly, from customer service positions all the way to senior management. The best way to help everyone in this scenario is to simply keep the machine clean!