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Brian Mack President

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Freddy Jones Field Manager

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Janelle Beamon Administrative Sales

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

Your environmental footprint issues to your organization and is just as important for us as it is to you. We offer a selection of eco-friendly cleaning and care that offers spectacular results without causing damage to your surroundings. To find out more about our earth-friendly products, speak to our qualified agents today.

Our Credentials

You may wonder exactly what is necessary to be a certified commercial office cleaning service within town. If you are searching for office “cleaning services near me,” odds are you have noticed there is not any shortage of organizations who promise to be the ideal. Unlike many other business cleaning solutions, we know talk just gets you so far. We believe the real proof is ‘from the pudding’ as they say, and we would prefer the chance to show our abilities further during a free consultation. 

Our Cleaning Services

At Pony Xpress Clean Janitorial Systems , our goal is to create a entire commercial janitorial experience that his hand-tailored to your unique needs. Your company deserves a degree of clean which always meets or exceeds your high expectations. We understand you rely on us to deliver outstanding results every time, and we are trained and equipped to match your goals with your financial plan.

We’ve established professional cleaning services that have captured the eye companies all around the city. Our dedication to low-rates and outstanding customer service makes us a rare find among other business cleaning services who do not place your best interests first. Cutting corners to achieve deadlines hasn’t been our style. We achieve remarkable turnaround times through hard labor, streamlined project management, meticulous training and certifications, and by utilizing the best machines and machines in the business. We work with:








Multi Level Office


Car Dealers




Government Buildings




Daycare Centers


Rec Centers